June 15-19

Stoney Creek Ranch Summer Camp

Get Ready!

Summer Camp is June 15-19, 2023 at Stoney Creek Ranch. Slots are limited! Camp forms must be completed and submitted by parent as soon as possible to secure a spot. Only 27 boy spots and 27 girl spots.

***IMPORTANT*** the hold ID for parents to be able to register their children is yfcsa23

Here are things you must know:

* The camp is 6th -12th grade.
* Camp Payment must be paid via link below.
* YFC Scholarship Applications
* Total cost of camp is $320 for 5 days but you will only have to pay $140 out of pocket if applying for YFC scholarship. (everyone can apply!!) $100 deposit reserves the spot!
Deadline to register is May 27th
* Deposits and Service hours still required.

Camp Details


Great freedom is allowed in dress at camp. Most of your modest clothing worn at home during
summer is suitable. No expensive outfits, please. Your daily work clothes will consist of shorts,
shirts, tennis shoes, and socks. Anything beyond that and you will be overdressed. Here is a
checklist of basic essentials you will need while at camp.
● Bible
● Backpack or fanny pack
● Hat
● Sunglasses
● Water bottle
● Toiletry articles ( deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, toothpaste and brush, shaving
cream, razor, etc.)
● A Swimming Towel and washcloths (2-3)
● Shower shoes or flip flops
● Shoes that can get wet to be used as waders
● 1 pair of tennis shoes – at least one older well- worn pair for working, etc.
● Poncho or good raincoat
● 6=pairs of socks
● 6= pairs of underwear
● 6= pairs of shorts
● 6= t-shirts
● 2 modest swimsuits (one-piece for girls, nothing low cut in front)
● 2 pairs of sweats
● 2 sweatshirts or light jacket for cool nights
● Flashlight (batteries for flashlight)
● Laundry bag
● Sunscreen, repellents and other needed medications
● Party outfits and random costumes- THEME-TOY STORY


We strongly believe that discipline minus love leads to rebellion. Our goal at Stoney Creek Ranch is to
show kids the love of Christ while teaching them how to love and respect others. We accomplished
this by first loving and respecting our campers. We feel we “earn” the right to discipline a camper after
we have spenttime loving that child. If we do our job right, disciplinary actions may be minimized.

Conversation with the camper by SCR Leadership Staff
Meeting with Wrangler, Camper, Counselor and Leadership
Dismissal from Camp

ZERO TOLERANCE (Immediate dismissal from camp)
Zero Tolerance for any type of abuse: Sexual, physical,and emotional (Don’t even kid around with it)
Alcohol, Drug, or Tobacco (Use or Possession)
Fighting & Bullying

Stoney Creek Ranch
1912 Zimmerscheidt Road, New Ulm, Texas 78950

Ranch Phone: 979.992.2800 Fax: 979.733.9022


1301 Colima, San Antonio, Texas 78207
June 15, 2023
Boarding buses between 12:15pm-12:30pm

June 19, 2023
1301 Colima, San Antonio, Texas 78207

Questions or Concerns:

Feel free to contact Gabriella Melendez at 210.334.5404 with any questions or concerns while your child is away at camp.