Leaders in Training Program

Graduated. Now What?

Life is full of many choices and after high school they only get more complicated. One thing never changes: God has called us all to serve Him. For some, that means full-time ministry; for others, that means raising a family or being a Christian in the workforce—but they all mean finding out what God has for you. The reason God has put you on this planet is to serve Him.

The Question is, where and how?

The STYFC Leader in Training (LIT) Program is committed to training and discovering wherever and however God wants to use you to serve Him for His glory. You will learn the basics of your faith, how to live out your faith, how to share your faith, and how to use your faith to bring glory to God. The only question now is: when can you start?

Leaders in Training are a group of individuals committed to serve each other and the mission of Youth for Christ. We are a family whose goal is to discover each ones part in the body of Christ. The program runs from late August until early June. It focuses on developing the individual into discovering and becoming the person God has created them to be. Obviously, the more time invested the greater the return on the investment. However, no matter what your level of commitment is, the goal doesn't change. As a family, the desire is for all to figure out the next step that God has called each member to. Many of our LIT’s want to stay or get connected with other young adults in their age range that share similar passions: go to college, work part-time, find a home church, and volunteer in a relational ministry program like STYFC. The LIT Program is focused on offering graduates community and opportunities to serve upon graduation. This program allows them to work and/or attend college while being trained and serving students at about 6-8 hours/week."For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many," – Mark 10:45.

Leader in Training Application Process

Applicants must be 18-24 years old as of September 1st of that school year. A LIT is a Christ-sharing leader committed to discipleship and mentoring while serving in a missional community to lost kids. The program lasts about nine months and includes coaching, serving, mentoring, and connecting with students and young leaders. The LIT Program meets on Tuesdays weekly from 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. beginning September 3rd at our STYFC office. The class will include dinner & fellowship, training, large group discussions, small groups, and prayer. They will also serve at a ministry site 1-2 times/week. You will need to interview first and applications for the upcoming season must be submitted by August 2nd, 2024.

For more information, contact YLP Director Carmen Nevarez at carmens@styfc.net or Co-Director Donavan Villarreal at donavanv@styfc.net. You can also call our office at (210) 697-7052 for more information.


“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example to believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity,” – 1 Timothy 4:12.

The process in which we disciple the LIT’s is different from that of other volunteers or mentors. This process of discipleship consists of three distinct values:

Through practical trainings, interactive Bible studies, and spiritual mentorship, we seek to holistically grow the LIT’s and equip them for serving our middle and high school students.

By providing LIT’s opportunities to connect with each other in their weekly trainings and small groups, pairing them with their own mentor, and leading with their site teams, we create an environment in which LIT’s are able to be a part of our missional community and abide in Christ together.

We put relational ministry into deliberate action and empower LIT’s to strategically interact with kids through one or more of our core Relational Ministry Actions (RMA’s).

Mentorship & Accountability

Coach/Mentor Relationships
The one-on-one portion of the STYFC LIT Program is extremely important to the growth of the LIT. These are regular meetings with their Site Director in order to challenge, grow, and help the LIT. Likewise, they are expected to meet at least monthly with their spiritual mentor (external to STYFC). Most people have never had the opportunity to be in such a mentor/mentee relationship. It is very rewarding to have someone as a guide through one of life’s more challenging experiences of transitioning through adolescence. This is discipleship at its core. We desire to not just make disciples, but to also make disciple-makers.

These sessions are themed each week of the month. The four major focuses will be personal life, ministry life, spiritual life, and future life. Personal life will focus on family, friends, college, etc. Ministry life will focus on STYFC weekly ministry. Spiritual life will focus on personal spiritual growth, and any questions or thoughts that were provoked by our training. Future life will focus on discovering where God is leading them, and how to get there.

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,” – Luke 2:52.

•Have placed your faith in Jesus or are working towards it.
•Be a part of a local or church or seeking one out.
•Adhere to LIT Ministry Covenant.

•Attend weekly trainings consistently (beginning August 30th from 6:30-9:30 p.m.)
•Fulfill a minimum of 1-2 RMA’s weekly.
•Attend all retreats and camps, as needed.
•Have a mentor outside of STYFC.
•Report and submit to their Site Director(s).

•Complete STYFC Volunteer Application and Background Check.
•Attend STYFC Safety and Mentor Training.
•Complete background checks for school districts (Campus Life: nisd.net and ahisd.net/City Life and Parent Life: saisd.net).
•Have dependable and consistent transportation.
•Have an initial interview with your Site Director.