Mr. W Fireworks

The Mission and Ministry Behind the Stand

The Celebrations Beyond The Fireworks

3 Big Rocks

Every Christmas, New Year and Independence Day seasons, San Antonio Youth for Christ missionaries rally together to run a Mr. W Fireworks warehouse stand on Interstate Highway 10, just outside of San Antonio before Boerne.

They sacrifice celebrations with family and friends for a greater celebration with the kids they serve tirelessly, knowing that the funds we raise help support the local mission. The following are 3 Big Rocks that the proceeds impact in a positive way.

Club Expense

Throughout the school year, our 9 sites run programming to authentically reach kids where they are with the transforming message of Jesus. Part of programming is weekly clubs where kids find a safe place to belong and experience the joy of games, mentors and a message of hope.

Many kids eventually share that they came for the pizza. (or nachos, Frito-pie, pasta etc.) but then kept coming because they felt seen, safe and loved. The food brings them but the love of Jesus keeps them coming.

As you can imagine, weekly mini meals for clubs ranging from 10 kids to 110 kids can get rather costly. Selling bottle rockets helps offset those costs.

Camp Scholarships

We do all we can to help kids who want to go to camp, get to camp.

Some 16-19 year olds either qualify for scholarships but cannot afford their $50 deposit or would rather work towards the cost of the trip entirely. Working at the stand selling Black Cat Firecrackers and Roman Candles gives them a sense of pride to know that they paid their way to camp. San Antonio Youth for Christ believes in giving a hand-up. While we fundraise all year trough grants and opportunities like Mr. W to send kids to camp, every scholarship camper pays it forward by either doing service projects with their leaders in the community or working some hours at the stand. Acts of service and work help build character and civic responsibility for others and themselves.

Local Missionaries

You would not know it by seeing them in action because they are always advocating and raising for the kids. But our local missionaries fundraise, through partnerships with family and friends, for salary support. While the sales of Fireworks do not usually directly impact individual salaries, it does raise a community awareness of the work being done, much like this information page is doing. I encourage you to seek out a coffee date with one of our missionaries and ask them their story and the call to missions. You may be surprised how easy you will want to partner too.

Come Get Your Fireworks!

As you get ready to celebrate the New Year with family and friends, we invite you to come on out to Mr. W Fireworks Warehouse on IH 10 and Old Fredericksburg Rd. at 26710 Frontage Rd, Boerne, TX 78015, Exit 548 off of IH 10 towards Boerne. All proceeds directly impact the local mission. For more information, call 210.697.7052.